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What has happened in the accounting scandals?

What has happened in the accounting scandals?

When a company intentionally hide or biased information to appear to be in good health and success to its shareholders, he pledged corporate or shareholder fraud. Corporate fraud may involve people little or many, depending on the degree to which employees are informed about the financial practices of their business. Directors companies can falsify financial records or hide inappropriate spending. Fraud perpetrated by companies can be disastrous, not only for foreign investors who have provided parts purchases based on false information, but also to workers who, through their 401ks, retirement savings invested in company shares.

Some recent accounting scandals have consumed the news media and hundreds of thousands of lives of the employees who have invested their retirement in companies that cheated them and other investors were ruined. The inner workings of a number of these accounting scandals are the following:

WorldCom admitted to accounting to cover its operating expenses and a front managed to present to the shareholders. Nine billion dollars in discrepancies found prior to the bankruptcy of the business of telecommunications in July 2002. One of the hidden costs was 408 million required Bernard Lehmann (CEO of WorldCom) in personal loans confidential.

At Tyco, shareholders were not aware of the $ 170 million in loans that have been taken by Tyco CEO, CFO and Director legal. Loans, which many have taken interest free and later wrote off the coast of benefits, are not to the Compensation Commission approved Tyco. Kozlowski (former CEO), (former CFO) operates Swartz and Belnick (former Chief Legal Officer) to ongoing investigations by the SEC and the Tyco company, which is now under Edward Breen and a new Board of Directors.

Enron discovered investigations against several actions of fraudulent behavior. Enron used illegal loans and partnerships with other companies to cover the debt of several billion dollars. The erroneous accounting presented investors and Arthur Anderson, its accounting firm, began Shredding incriminating documentation weeks prior to the inquiry SEC can begin. Money laundering, fraud, mail fraud and securities fraud are some complaints board of Enron have faced and will continue as the investigation continues.

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