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While many companies assume that accounting generally accepted accounting are linked and that this intact, it would be nothing more far from the truth. Everything is subject to interpretation and GAAP are not different. On the one hand, methods accounting GAAP to be used for certain expenses and revenues in some specialized companies. On the other hand, methods defined by GAAP require that decisions are made on the time of the recording of income and expenditure, if they require critical factors to be quantified. Decide on the timing of revenue and expenditure and implemented clear values these factors should judgments, estimates and interpretations.

The Mission of IFRS over the years has been to standardize accounting methods to bring uniformity in all companies. But alternative methods are still allowed for certain basic expenses. There is no testing necessary to determine if one more better than the other method. A company is free to choose the method that they want. But he must choose these property sold fees cost format to use and cost depreciation method to use.

For other expenses and the revenues from the sale, is a method of General Accounting adopted; There is no alternative. A company has, however, a good amount of latitude to actually to implement the methods. A methods of conservative accounting company and another company, the methods on a more liberal manner. The end result is more diversity between the extent of profit and annual accounts that could be expected, as GAAP evolved since 1930.

The decision on GAAP prepared by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is now more than 1000 pages long, and that includes the same rules and regulations by the federal regulator who delivered jurisdiction over financial reporting and the accounting methods of public companiesthe Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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