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Depreciation is a term that we have often heard speak, but not really understand. It is however an essential part of the accounts. Depreciation is a burden which, at the same time and in the same period as the other accounts are recorded. The assets of long-term operation which are not intended for sale in the exercise of the profession are called capital. Capital assets include buildings, machines, Office, vehicles, computers and other equipment. It may also include items such as racks and cabinets. Amortization refers to the cost of an asset over the years of its useful life with a company, instead of the full cost of billing costs in the year that the property was purchased. This way, each year that the property element, plant and equipment or as part of the full costs. For example, cars and trucks generally depreciation over five years. The idea is only a fraction of the total costs for depreciation expense of loading each of the five years, rather than just the first year.

Damping applies only for fixed assets that actually you buy, not those who you hire or rent. Depreciation is a real cost, but not necessarily a cash fee charges in the year which is included. The spending of cash goes truly when the asset is acquired, but it was recorded over a period of time.

Depreciation is different from other expenses. It is deducted from the income from the sale of a profit, but the depreciation cost included in a reporting period is not necessary any spending real money in this period. Depreciation expenses are part of the total cost of the assets of a business which is attributed to the period up to the inclusion of the cost of the use of the property during the period. Plus the total cost of capital of a company, then the higher depreciation costs.

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