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Software quasar

Software quasar

Accounting is more complex since companies using accounting functions. Fortunately, there are several excellent software packages that can help you manage this important function. Quasar is one such package.

All of Quasar versions offer full inventory controls. In its most basic use can inventory a contractor for track of the locations and quantities of all items in stock. In addition, more inventory opportunities beyond simple monitoring. Manufacturers and wholesalers can build kits pieces; When a kit is mounted, the inventory that represent the component elements have been adapted accordingly. The elements can be classified into different categories and groups can be nested many levels of depth. Vendor purchase orders can be generated for items whose quantities below a predefined threshold. Cost for items selling prices can be set up and equipped in a large number of different ways. Finally, these elements can be reported on to show, as profit margins and sales section.

Sale and purchase of another strong point of Quasar. Client citations can easily be converted into bills to pay. Promotions and discounts can be given based on the date, client, or the location of the store. Margins can be reported on properties such as individual items, individual customer or individual seller. Also, a purchase order created and converted to an invoice of the supplier, which may be paid in a number of different ways, including an audit of printing. Quasar can keep track of various expenses such as container depots, freight charges, franchise fees.

The intelligent design of Quasar user interface allows quick and easy data entry. Some programs that you may experience are not optimized for the use of the keyboard. These programmes should place your hand on the mouse to select the options often need to move. While some of the inaccessible Quasar menu options mouse only, is the large part of the user interface is designed so that you can get your hands on the keyboard using special hotkeys of Quasar. This allows data entry more rapid, which can save time (and money) in the long term.

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